Welcome to UpriverGrace.com

More than 60 years ago, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church was born out of a calling to spread God’s grace and love “upriver,” in the eastern part of Skagit County. Since that time, this congregation has been a place of loving embrace and gentle challenge, a place that nurtures faith and life, and a place of hope for the future.

As we step out into the beautiful mountains, float on the waters of the rivers and lakes, and live in our community, we continue to carry forward the love and compassion of God into the world around us.

Every age has its moments, and we are in one of those moments now. We are in the midst of a time of identity crisis and massive transition in our country and especially in the Upper Skagit Valley. We are in a time which needs God’s grace to be proclaimed loudly and proudly, and shown to all around.

So welcome to UpriverGrace.com, come and see that God is good.

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