Our Story

We are children of God called together in worship and service. We gather to hear God’s Word and to meet God in our midst at the table of communion and the table of fellowship.

We invite you to join us on this journey together and come and break bread with us.

We are a congregation of the Northwest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America serving eastern Skagit County.

Our story is as old as all of creation, a people living on God’s Earth together. Locally, the roots of our congregation began in 1952 when some congregations “downriver” in the western part of Skagit County decided to “send a man” to Concrete. They bought the current building of the congregation from the Dwelley family, the publisher of the local newspaper at the time, and the first pastor and his family arrived and began developing the congregation in January 1954.

Since the first worship service on March 8, 1954, Shepherd of the Hills has fostered a sense of love for one another gathered in community for the sake of God’s grace in the world. The sanctuary was added on in 1956 and the pastor still resides in the upstairs of the building.